The purpose of this policy containing SO's cookie policy. C.EDIL DI BONANNO GIOVANNI & C. SAS is to explain to you the use of cookies made by our website, their purposes, as well as the options available to you as a user to administer them; Consequently, this policy is subject to change from time to time

Definitions and Functions

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file containing a certain amount of information exchanged between a website and your terminal and is normally used by the website manager to store the information necessary to improve navigation within the site or to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of web browsing. When you visit the same site or any other site again, your device checks for a recognized cookie so that it can read the information it contains. Different cookies contain different information and are used for different purposes (efficient navigation on the pages of the same site, profiling in order to send targeted promotional messages, analysis of the number of visits to the site).

Typically, cookies can be installed:

  • directly from the owner and/or manager of the website (so-called first-party cookies);

  • by parties unrelated to the website visited by the user (so-called third-party cookies). The rules relating to their use, both with regard to the information and the possible acquisition of your consent, fall entirely under the responsibility of the so-called "Freedom of Expression". Third Parties.

This website may use, also in combination with each other, the following types of cookies classified according to the indications of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data and by the European Bodies that have dealt with the matter (Working Party pursuant to art. 29, now the European Data Protection Board.

Technical cookies

These are the cookies, own and third-party, that allow the performance of activities strictly related to the operation of the site. This category includes: navigation cookies (session cookies used to store browsing preferences on the site and improve it); functionality cookies (used to provide specific services on the site); analytical cookies (which fall into the category of technical cookies, where they collect, in anonymous and aggregate form, statistical information on users' browsing methods: for example, number of pages visited and accesses, time spent on the site).

The use of these types of cookies does not require the acquisition of the user's consent, who can however decide to disable their use on their browser (as illustrated in the following paragraph). In this case, you may not be able to use certain features of the site.

Profiling cookies

By browsing this Site, it is also possible that profiling cookies, own and third-party cookies, used for profiling and marketing purposes, are also installed on your browser. This category includes, by way of example, analytical cookies (when associated with other personal information of the user and used for profiling of the same); The CDs. Widgets (graphical components of a program's user interface, which are intended to facilitate the user in interacting with the program itself – e.g.: Facebook, Google+, Twitter cookies); The CDs. advertising (cookies used to advertise within a site); The CDs. Web beacons (snippets of code that allow the analysis of personal use of websites, as well as control and reporting activities on advertisements and personalization of advertising and content).

The use of these types of cookies is not permitted without the user's prior consent.

Authorization, Revocation and Deletion of Cookies

When you first browse our website, you will be informed about the use of cookies, whether you can check whether they are installed or how you can refuse the installation of certain types of cookies, for example, analytics, advertising and third-party cookies.

However, you can accept, block or delete cookies installed on your terminal (both first-party and third-party) at any time by configuring the options of the browser installed on your terminal or by the privacy options of the terminal from which you visit. If you choose to block the installation of cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access any of the sections of our website.

Consent to the use of first-party profiling cookies

On the basis of the rules currently in force, consent to the use of profiling cookies is initially given in the following ways: by closing the banner, scrolling the page that hosts the banner or by clicking any of its elements (you can see how it works by clicking here) and can be revoked at any time as indicated above. Without prejudice to the above, and as a result of the examination of this "extended" information, for the profiling cookies used by our company we offer you the direct possibility to grant or deny your consent.

To accept or reject the use of profiling cookies provided by our servers as described in this policy, please make the following choice:

  • I agree

  • I do not accept